Excellence in Research Award

The Editors and Editorial Board of Australian Critical Care, have created an award called Australian Critical Care Excellence in Research Award. This award recognises and highlights the contribution that Authors make to the improvement of outcomes for critically ill patients and their families and is awarded on an annual basis.

Winner 2021 Excellence in Research Award
  • Optimising a targeted test reduction intervention for patients admitted to the intensive care unit: The Targeted Intensive Care Test Ordering Cluster Trial intervention

    Edward Litton, Helen Atkinson, James Anstey, Matthew Anstey, Lewis T. Campbell, Andrew Forbes, Rebecca Hahn, Katherine Hooper, Jessica Kasza, Sharon Knapp, Forbes McGain, Nhi Ngyuen, David Pilcher, Benjamin Reddi, Chris Reid, Suzanne Robinson, Kelly Thompson, Steve Webb, Paul Young
    Vol. 34, Issue 5, p419–426
Winner 2020 Excellence in Research Award
Winner 2019 Excellence in Research Award
  • Burnout and posttraumatic stress in paediatric critical care personnel: Prediction from resilience and coping styles

    Rocío Rodríguez-Rey, Alba Palacios, Jesús Alonso-Tapia, Elena Pérez, Elena Álvarez, Ana Coca, Santiago Mencía, Ana Marcos, Juan Mayordomo-Colunga, Francisco Fernández, Fernando Gómez, Jaime Cruz, Olga Ordóñez, Ana Llorente
    Vol. 32, Issue 1, p46–53
Winner 2018 Excellence in Research Award